Gentlemen’s Winter Competition

Despite a final all-out-effort on the last day of the gentlemen’s winter competition  I wasn’t able to catch Roelof Ketelaar. This left me in second place, or, as my eldest son would say, the first loser! My “reward” for being the first loser was that I was “instructed” (it wasn’t suggested or requested) that I would have to write a short article for the web site.

So here goes.

This winter competition was quite remarkable. A few facts:

  • Wheel covers were never required;
  • Only two matches failed to take place, not because the course was closed but because the weather was so poor that even the diehards stayed at home;
  • Winter greens and Dutch golf balls (orange!) were only used on two occasions;
  • The golf course remained in excellent condition throughout the winter season;
  • A total of 81 gentlemen took part in 15 matches.

Last Friday was a fitting final day of the winter competition. A  total of 48 members were present for a shotgun match. The clubhouse was full and it was extremely “gezellig” (even the English language has its limitations). Following the golf the prizes for the winter competition were duly presented to the following players:

1st     Roelof Ketelaar    (A deserved winner)          89 points

2nd    Paul Roper                                                           88 points

3rd     Fred Claassen                                                     78 points

4th    Evert Liewes                                                       78 points

5th    Jacob Gunter                                                       74 points

6th   Jan Tiesinga                                                           54 points

The climax of the afternoon was Harrie’s Meat Ball – as usual exceptional in quality and quantity. (It is to be hoped that a Meat Ball Test will form an important part of the selection process for the new proprietors of the restaurant!)

This coming Friday we have the first 18 holes match of the new season. Hopefully there are sufficient enthusiastic members who will accept this challenge and ensure that the Friday afternoon remains one of the high points of the Holthuizen golfing week.

N.B. We considered using photos of the prize winners but came to the conclusion that none of them were photogenic.

Paul Roper

27th February 2019